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Head Coach - Swimming

Ben Stanford

Ben has been swimming competitively since the age of 9. He joined City of Birmingham at the age of 10/11 and has swam at many different levels from County all the way up to international open meets.

His Swimming highlight has to be the 10 national medals achieved throughout his career.

In 2017 he turned to teaching and coaching following a prolonged lower back injury, begining with roles at  S4 Swim School and Boldmere Swimming club. Ben really enjoyed the coaching side of swimming and as he grew in confidence and experience was looking for a bigger role and challenge. The position at Solihull Swimming Club was highlighted to him by a former coach and he jumped at the opportunity.

Bens aim is to increase professionalism at the club and offer a big presence on poolside. All done with a smile.

Ben is also a members of SSC Committee 

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