Briefing for all members including -

Swimmers, Waterpolo players, families and coaches; returning to the pool July 2020

1. You must have read and completed the health questionnaire, and returned it to us. Download here

2. We will tell you when your squad can get back in the pool. Once assigned to a
training group, you will remain in that group or bubble.

3. Pool sessions will start punctually; if you are late, you will not be able to swim. Make
sure your name has been recorded as being present.

4. Arrive ready to swim, with a tracksuit or onesie. The changing rooms will not be
available either before or after the session. At the session end, towel dry as much as
you can, replace your tracksuit and return home to shower.

5. Spectators will not be allowed into the building. Parents should wait in their cars or
elsewhere. Please do not gather in a group at the door.

6. There are new procedures for entering and leaving the building. We will explain
these to you.

7. Bring minimal equipment with you to the session. It must all be marked clearly with
your name and enclosed in a bag. We will tell you where you should place your bag.

8. Sanitise your hands as you enter and leave, using the sanitiser provided.

Keeping fit is very important at the moment; if we all follow these simple rules, you can stay fit, enjoy your club and avoid the virus!



Health questionnaire completed   ✔

Label your kit, come ready to swim   ✔

Be on time   ✔

Follow the rules   ✔

Go home to shower   ✔

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